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A Vehicle History Report will provide you all the information you need to know about a vehicle’s past


Our Commitment to You

Vehicle History’s team of automotive experts brings you the most accurate and up-to-date used car information.

Information You Can Trust

Our writers and editors exclusively use reputable, data-driven sources such as articles from established vehicle publications, government reports, and other trusted vehicle associations.

Real Owner Reviews

Hundreds of thousands of reviews from verified vehicle owners help you better understand how vehicles perform in the real world.

Comprehensive and Informative

Our team researches and road tests hundreds of vehicles each year, then works to distill down only the most important information, specifically for used vehicle buyers.

Monitor the market value of your vehicle and stay up-to-date on records of safety recalls. Get a sense of when may be the right time to sell your car.

Search the history of a vehicle to help avoid unpleasant hidden surprises.


Use our data to help show your buyer they are getting value for their money.


Auto theft can bring down the value of a vehicle. See if a vehicle you are purchasing is listed as previously stolen and recovered based on our data.

150+ data points to describe your vehicle, including photos, color, accessories, safety features and more.


Search for accident records provided by state-level agencies and trusted car industry partners. See information from salvage auction listings, including date, location, mileage, and vehicle damages.


Want to get fast and detailed car report?

Book it now!

Want to get fast and detailed car report?

Book it now!